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Senior care Bulgaria

24seniorcare Bulgaria is active for you in senior care and outpatient service amongst other in the Sofia and Blacksee region:

Sofia region Sofia
Blacksee coast Varna, Bourgas
others on request



Senior care at home

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On an hourly, daily or 24h basis 

Our concept of elderly care at home is the affordable alternative to retirement homes, nursing homes or assisted living for the non-medical care,  dementia- and alzheimer cases of seniors at home. For the medical care the local ambulatory services are in charge. In the combination, this ensures that the caretacker can live at home for as long as possible. 

Which specific services can you request from us?

  • Help with housekeeping (washing, cleaning, sucking, shopping, garbage disposal, pet care)
  • Support with the basic care (bathing, showering, dental care, toilets)
  • Cooking (Menu planning, preparation of meals)
  • Mobility (dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed, climbing stairs, actively promoting mobility)
  • Everyday accompaniment and company (accompaniment in and out of the house, activate conversation and events)
  • and much more

The caregivers

The caregivers are carefully selected and recruited from our pool. As a rule, they have good care experience and language skills to meet the needs of the elderly and nursing cases.

The applicable legal regulations and employment conditions are complied country-specifically.

We pay particular attention to the fact that the care staff have emphatics and social welfare.

Rates and costs


The rates are calculated individually based on the specific needs of our customers. On the basis of a first consultation, we prepare an offer, from which the jointly determined to be done services and work are evident. In principle, the effective care time will be charged according to current local rates.

Recovery of costs

However, depending on the insurance and severity of the disability, care costs may be partly or indirectly refunded according to local statutory provisions, either directly or through tax breaks.

Depending on the insurance and the medical prescription, basic medical supplies can be reclaimed directly or via tax breaks according to local tariffs.

Comparison with retirement homes

The personal participation in the retirement home for accomodation and medical care is in any case significantly higher than the support at home. This has the advantage that the affected persons can remain in their familiar environment as long as possible.

How does it work?

The customer completes the request form or contacts us directly

24seniorcare will contact you to clarify all details of the offer

24seniorcare submits a detailed offer

24seniorcare provides suitable, dedicated support staff

 The caregiver begins with the right term 



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