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SVNW, Assisted living at home, Liestal, 28.5.18

24seniorcare with a stand



The Senior Association of  Northwestern Switzerland invited to our co-sponsored event "Assisted living at home.
Over 100 interested seniors accepted the invitation. Numerous seniors visited our stand and there were excited
discussions. Above all the following questions interested the audience most:

1. 24hour care
- where does the car staff come from?
- how many monthly costs you have to expect
- the care personnel are also legally employed and insured
- how fast can a car giver come and how long will they stay?
- who guarantees the quality of the work of the car personnel etc.

2. Living abroad
- Which countries do we recommend
- Do I have to buy a property or can I rent it?
- What comes at the emigration everything to one, etc.

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