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German health insurance abroad

for German retirees abroad

This beforehand. It is certainly reassuring to learn that the statutory health insurance for German pensioners also has its validity in other European countries. Here are some notes on how it works and what rules to follow.

1. Pensioners who receive only one pension (simply pensioners)
If a retiree only receives the pension from his own country of origin, he will continue to receive health insurance from his country of origin after he has moved to another country.

2. Pensioners who receive multiple pensions (often retirees)
If a pensioner receives a pension from the country of emigration (country of residence) apart from his country of origin, the health insurance obligation from the country of origin ends.

So if you emigrate to a country of the EC and receive only one pension, the previous health insurance is also valid at your new place of residence. In this case, you simply have to notify your health insurance company of the change of residence within the EC. You will then receive the form E121, which you must fill out and sign with the insurance carrier. This ensures that the insurance carrier is aware that you are abroad. Thereafter, your medical expenses will be paid as if you were in Germany.